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Kelly + Partners sponsor stratalive

Friday, 04th June 2010

Stratalive welcomes our new sponsor, Kelly + Partners. Kelly + Partners have carried out more than 100,000 Strata Plan audits and directors Brett Kelly, Rex Hoeben and Peter Dawkins will be sharing their expertise with you.

OK, stop yawning.  You'd be surprised what a good accountant can do for your building.

And there are a lot of good reasons to have your strata plan audited.

The team at Kelly + Partners are innovative, progressive and as far from the cliche "all accountants are boring" as you can get. 

"There are so many aspects of strata that most lot owners are not aware of, nor should they have to be," Brett Kelly said.

"Those voted onto the executive committee take on the financial responsibility for your building and every building should have their strata plan audited for peace of mind.

"It is not something that would normally be front of mind with lot owners but should definitely be considered for the following reasons," he said.

  1. Protection of owners
    The audit is an opportunity to ensure that those entrusted with the smooth operation of the strata plan are delivering that service; specifically, it provides an independent review of the financial conduct or the strata plan by the strata manager.
  2. Insurance
    The process is insurance by owners that all is well with the financial administration of the strata plan.  It is no good some years after the event discovering a problem that could have been corrected, or losing an opportunity to properly deal with a current situation or opportunity.  Further; the actual insurance policies in place on the assets of the strata plan are reviewed as part of the process: more insurance.
  3. Looking over the shoulder
    When a strata manager knows their work will be independently reviewed, it results in higher quality outcomes for the client.  When one knows that an independent 'someone is looking over the shoulder' a different management culture is established with the strata manager.
  4. Accuracy and completeness
    The accuracy and completeness of records is ensured and the best possible financial administration results when a periodic audit is undertaken.
  5. Improved service of the strata manager
    The strata management service is improved to the client via the audit process assisting in suggesting ways in which the internal processes of the strata manager can be improved.  These improvements are good for clients of the strata manager.
If you have any questions for the Kelly + Partners team about auditing or accounting, go to the accounts thread in the forum and Brett, Rex and Peter will be there to help you.

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