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Scholtès On The Way Back to Australia

Tuesday, 20th October 2009

The New Horizontal Underbench Refrigerator - RT 19 AAI

Scholtes created the first cooker in stainless steel in 1923 and the first electric cooker in 1934. Scholtès is the brand name that signed the first complete range of built-in domestic appliances in Europe in 1962, which introduced the first self-cleaning oven through the pyrolysis process in 1969 and which invented the first ceramic hob in 1974, as well as the principle of induction cooking in 1979.

So, you would like to be a master chef?  Well Scholtès can help.  Scholtès launched the first cooking hob with touch-control commands and recently the innovations of the "good living" of the third millennium, such as the automatism in cooking in order to obtain the best results.  Such innovations include:  the devices CookEye and ClipsoEye, for the induction cooking and the C.O.P. technology (Optimum Programmed Cooking) for the ovens; most recently, the innovation of the "Low Temperature" cooking.

All these achievements bring us today to the presentation of the new Multiplo cooking vessel, a unique and extraordinary innovation capable of completely revolutionising the concept of cooking.

For Scholtès, the perfection of the result is a fundamental point, and this is the reason why it puts the instruments suitable to create any recipe at the disposal of those who cook.  In the development of its products, Scholtès puts together the capacity to create the state of the art technological domestic appliances and the competency in the culinary art of an internationally renowned great French Chef.  Phillippe Rogé is the person responsible for the cooking tests for the Scholtès products, and has, for a long time, offered his know-how to the company to develop cooking functions capable of managing the cooking in parameters in a completely automatic and precise manner.

His co-operation is an active one, where he is in contact with the team of engineers to set all the cooking parameters for ovens and hobs that will guarantee the best cooking results.  It is a specific commitment with which Scholtès responds with three emotional thrusts: the love of cooking, the taste of exceptional performances, and the pure pleasure of owning an appliance which gives you satisfaction and pride when you look at it and when you use it.

The Scholtès ovens, combining technological innovation and aesthetic creativity, blend in the kitchen elegantly and are what the most advance technology has developed and what culinary experience demands.  Excellent performance achieved for all needs, the ovens guarantee safety and maximum simplicity of use to other perfect results, always from the simplest recipes to the most elaborate ones.

The Scholtès gas hobs are the result of a constant technological research to ensure perfection in every detail - excellent materials for maximum functionality and resistance, while versatility and power accompany each other to high performances, to guarantee optimum results in all safety.  In the flush production, the hobs are perfectly built-in flush with the worktop, thus offering aesthetical solutions of extreme integrity and elegance.

The induction and glass ceramic hobs are designed to live in an elegant and co-ordinated manner, the Scholtès glass ceramic and induction hobs have characteristics which render them unique; diversified cooking areas for both form and power, high-tech Touch control commands, extreme refinement of materials; the steel and the glass blend in an unmistakable design to confer an atmosphere of extreme modernity and exclusivity to the kitchen environment.

The most innovative product exclusive to Scholtès is an extraordinary product, which offers performance of both an oven and a cook-top, combined in a single unit, to deliver unrivalled results.  The cooking vessel harnesses the modularity of the professional vessels and the principles of induction cooking system to maximum effect.  This is the final frontier in cookery, and its set to revolutionise the very concept of cooking, while putting professional tools at the disposal of the true lovers of culinary art.

And let's not forget the fabulous new horizontal under-bench refrigerator.  A new concept of space and a new simplicity of use.  Scholtès designs new spaces for the conservation of food.

All these new products are headed to Australia in the New Year. 

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Comment from hihihoho on Thursday, 20th July 2017

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Comment from Glassman on Friday, 30th June 2017

Well that was really good to know about the scholtez. cooking hob. Afte looking at tese pictures i felt it was just incredible. It was such an amazing invention for a modren kitchen. I would like to write a review on bestessay  blogs about it. The best part is all touch control commans it works on.

Comment from MarkSindone on Thursday, 08th December 2016

The kitchen is going to be one of the most expensive rooms in your house. So much work hooking up the electricity and cables and gas lines and water mains in there, you have no idea. The only other room that might come close to being this expensive would be your toilets. My advice? Make sure you get a good contractor who is able to help you work out practical layout solutions for your storage cabinets and pantry so that you make the most of the space that you have in there!

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